EV Charging Near Kenosha

One of the biggest hang-ups many potential EV buyers have when considering making the switch is whether the charging infrastructure is mature enough to support their daily electricity needs. Fortunately, publicly available charging has come an incredibly long way since the early days of Electric Vehicles. There are now over 50,000 publicly available EV chargers nationwide. That’s not just in big cities, either, many local small businesses have installed the chargers in their parking lots as a secondary source of income. Check the map below to see how many chargers there are near you! The results might just surprise you!

Benefits of Going Electric

For most commuters, charging their EV at home overnight will be enough to get through a regular day’s activities. Home charging options range from plugging straight into a standard wall outlet to having a Level 2 charger installed in the garage. Charging speeds will vary based on the vehicle and the connector type. Generally speaking, a wall outlet will add about 2-6 miles per hour to the vehicle’s range, while at-home Level 2 charging can add about 25-50 miles of range per hour depending on the charger and the vehicle.

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